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About Amber

Hello beautiful one. My name is Amber Shannon and I have been channeling healing messages from the divine realm since 2008. It’s something that started happening for me after a profound mystical experience I had while meditating a couple years prior.

The experience was so profound that it forever changed my understanding of life. Shortly after, during another meditation session, I received a message about my life’s mission. The message was:

“You are to assist with the elevation of planetary consciousness by being a channel of divine communication.”

The sessions I offer here are one way I fulfill my life’s mission and I am honored and grateful to be of service to you.

Here are a few touch points about me:

  • Alumni of Google’s Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training (SIYLI - NYC)

  • Former Director of Marketing for the Les Brown Institute in Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Certified Angel Practitioner (Charles Virtue - Sedona, AZ)

  • Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner (Rev. Lorraine Meyer, HDD, CHt - Miami, FL)

  • Funded 26 micro-loans in 19 countries through Kiva since 2010

In addition to the above, I have attended numerous healing and personal development workshops, studied a large number of books on spirituality and personal development, received a wide variety of healing sessions, and have meditated for countless hours over the years. All of these practices have contributed to my ability to be a clear channel of divine communication.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me here.

I look forward to helping you consciously reconnect with the true essence of who you are and relaying the healing messages the divine realm has in store for you.

Big Love,

Amber 💓

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