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Amber Shannon found meditation in 2006, after reaching a breaking point in her life. She did all the things society outlined as the path to happiness (get a degree, get a job, get married, buy a home, etc), however she was deeply unhappy and suffering from a number of health problems. That’s when she came across a program called “Getting in the Gap” by Wayne Dyer. She practiced the meditation in the program, and was then led down an incredible path of healing and transformation that changed her life forever.

She now uses everything she’s learned to guide her clients on transformational meditation journeys that reduce stress and increase their quality of life. As a result, her clients experience a greater sense of fulfillment, as well as more peace, joy, and abundance.

Amber has over 2,500 hours of meditation experience and is an alumni of Google’s “Search Inside Yourself Leadership Program” (SIYLI: NYC). She is also a Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner, and has provided many sessions as a Professional Intuitive, guiding clients into states of clarity and peace, and offering tremendous insight and reassurance.


  • Successful career in Digital Marketing and Design, including serving as Director of Marketing for the Les Brown Institute

  • Alumni of Google’s Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training (SIYLI - NYC)

  • Certified Angel Practitioner (Charles Virtue - Sedona, AZ)

  • Certified Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner (Rev. Lorraine Meyer, HDD, CHt - Miami, FL)

  • Professional Intuitive for private clientele since 2008

  • Funded 26 micro-loans in 19 countries through Kiva since 2010.

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