Kind Words from My Clients


"Amber is an intuitive and open soul whose genuine desire is to help those who seek it. Time and again, she has channeled loving guidance that has helped me heal and grow. Working with Amber allowed me to better understand my connection to the benevolent power surrounding us all, to that spirit, which, as Wordsworth describes, "impels...and rolls through all things." It's not an overstatement to say that her support has greatly improved my life personally and professionally." - Jennifer Bolaños-Cadendas, Educator


“During a time of emotional and spiritual turmoil, I knew only one person could provide the clarity and reassurance I was in desperate need of, and that person was Amber. The reading she gave provided the guidance, love and support I yearned for, but could not find in my every day life; Amber's keen intuition and expert insight helped me gain the confidence I needed to move forward with a new career opportunity. There were moments in her reading that left me speechless and at times, silently repeating to myself, "how could she have possibly known that?" She is a truly gifted individual with a beautiful spirit and a loving heart, and I am confident that she can help anyone who is willing to open up their hearts to her so they too, can find the beauty, peace and light in life again.” - Raquel Bolaños, Educator


"Amber is a beautiful soul that has been given the extraordinary ability to help those that seek it. Reaching out to Amber was the best thing I had ever done. Amber helped me see the light of day when things around me just did not make sense. Having gone to a therapist prior to contacting Amber, there were many sessions where I would leave there still not knowing what direction I needed to go in. The second to last session I had with my therapist, I noticed she had angel cards lying on her table in front of me. Coincidence? I think not. At that point, I was so lost that I was open and willing to the idea of an angel card reading. After finding Amber I had an instant connection. Although we spoke over the phone it was almost like her and I were together. Her messages to me came through and a blanket of clarity and peace fell over me. I was finally able to understand what it was that I needed to do and she helped me gain the confidence and reassurance in order to make the leap of change. Amber is a unpretentious spirit that was put on this earth as a gift to us."
- Jessica Wagner, Health Educator


”Amber's readings always leave me feeling positive, hopeful, and full of limitless possibilities. It's partially thanks to her nudges that I've switched gears in my life, taken more risks, and pushed myself to live more authentically. Her intuitions are always spot-on and she has provided valuable insights on things I had never spoken to her (or anyone) about.”

- Kristen Palana, Artist, Educator, Author


“My session with Amber was one of the most spot-on and productive readings I’ve had, and her positive, effervescent personality made for an overall joyful experience. It is evident that Amber is highly gifted with intuitive abilities as she revealed with accurate insight a career path and related projects that I am currently undergoing; and she was specific—not general as many can be. She didn’t “fish” as some do, rather she just spewed information without hesitation, which was all about events and situations I had been, and am currently experiencing. Amber gets very focused and excited about the information she has to impart and stayed on the subject of “me”. I’ve been to many who go off on tangents about their own selves that overshadow the reading. She sent me an e-mail following our session in which she provided some links to a couple resources we discussed, which demonstrates her professionalism. I look forward to continued guidance from her as I will definitely be a return client.” - Pamela Knudsen, Freelance Writer


"I set up an Intuitive Reading with Amber to gain clarity for my business direction. In just 1 hour of working with Amber I went from having 2 business partnerships I felt semi-connected to and unfulfilled (yet wasn't even sure that was my feelings until she helped guide me) to having one solid amazing life affirming business. Even the name manifested within a few hours after our session and what's more amazing is, with the confirmation of my session with Amber, I was so focused and felt so supported that now I'm able to help others and really be of service the way that feels right for me in my life. Two months after speaking with Amber, I now run a successful online company helping new entrepreneurs gain profit clarity. I was also able to redirect my former partners to find resources so they could stay running successfully and not feel abandoned by my new direction. Amber has such a gentle approach, more so, she's the REAL Earth Angel." - Deanne Ziadie


"Amber is very accurate and positive. She is also very thorough with her readings. I love that I can just bring my list of questions and she is able to bring through answers for all of them. I really enjoy and appreciate my intuitive reading sessions with her. The messages are always positive, accurate and empowering. There is nothing fearful about Amber's readings. She reads only from the highest vibrating energy/spirits (Angels, Ascended masters and Your Higher Self). All messages are loving, encouraging, clear, and positive. Amber is so sweet and considerate. It's a joy to see her each time. I highly recommend her and I have sent my immediate family members, clients and friends to her. I have total trust in her ability to bring clarity and answers to your situations. Working with Amber has helped me to move forward confidently with my business and life. There is no doubt or overthinking about which path and step to take. I also learned so much about spirituality, who I am, how the Universe work, etc. from my sessions with her. Call Amber today. You will walk out feeling better and more enlightened." - Mee Vaj, Owner of Empowered Mind Wellness


"My session with Amber blew me away. It was more than I could have hoped for. She knew things - after talking to me for about a minute – that would take years to know about me. A lot of what she told me I knew. They were things that had been coming up in my life lately. I just didn’t know how important they were, or didn’t have them put in such lucid terms. Like a therapist, she gave me resources and action items. Unlike a therapist, it didn’t take many expensive sessions to gain incredible insight. I left the session with a profound feeling of relief. I gained what I was looking for: a clear sense of direction." - Sabrina Gaffney, Freelance Copywriter


"I absolutely love every minute I get to spend with Amber Shannon. Not only are her angel readings insightful, but her gentle spirit gives you a complete sense of calm when you are in her presence. Few people have the ability to bring a sense of peace and calm into the lives of others. I highly recommend you experience an angel reading with Amber and then make it a weekly or monthly habit; you will truly be giving yourself a gift for your spirit."
- Nancy Mueller, Empowerment Sensei


"I am skeptical of spiritual endeavors, but upon meeting Amberlina I felt that she may have the insight that could do me some good. The reading itself is simple and quite comforting. Everything the angel read brought forth was relative and pertinent to my current state; She showed me ways to unclutter my emotional (and physical) self with rituals involving natural occurrences and it has been very gratifying! I recommend Amberlina to anyone feeling stuck and unfulfilled as an angelic perspective may be the release they need." - Carla Katzenwein


"Today I had a wonderful Angel Card reading with Amber. I admit I was skeptical at first, but then I was blown away by her insights, knowledge and the great advice. It's like she knew me better than my best friend and gave better advice than Oprah! I highly recommend Amber to anyone looking to move past obstacles or just get some laser focused life counsel."
- Nancy Clauss, Owner, Sage Business Consulting